Samaneh Norouz Moradi’s case Brief

Samaneh Norouz Moradi, born on October 31st, 1986, studied theatre in university and earned her master. She is suffering from Lupus for 15 years. Upon her arrest on April 24th, 2019, she has been sentenced to nearly 3 years and 9 months imprisonment by Branch 26 of Tehran Revolutionary Court. IRGC Sarallah troops is her claimant and she has received the explanation of accusation under 4 following titles:

  1. Gathering and Collusion and acting against interior and foreign security of the country
  2. Propaganda against the regime
  3. Insulting Khomeini
  4. Insulting Khamenei (Supreme Leader)

She was at first sentenced to an overall sentence of 8 years imprisonment, among which 5 years would be executed on the ground of being maximum punishment. As a result of accepting the sentence and avoiding to appeal, she received commutation and the sentence duration reduced to 3 years and 9 months.

Since she was under arrest, she had a long time in interrogation because they asked her to cooperate with them and reveal the identity of others, but Samaneh was descent and faithful and did not accept their offers. She was kept in solidarity under white torture (psychological torture), during which due to the lack of hygiene and receiving proper health care her breasts got infections and based on family history of having breast cancer, the tumor in her breasts grew. Despite all these, she was deprived of the right to have access to proper medical care and even received the wrong medication twice.

While Samaneh is doing her time, her father passed away and the authorities did not approve her request for temporary leave to attend funerals. She mentions: “I still regret and blame myself for losing the opportunity to meet my dad for the last time. This was even harder for me than ignoring to send me to health care centers”

We, therefore, are quite concerned about Samaneh’s plight and would like to ask Human Rights’ Organizations’ help in elevating her case, in any way, they deem appropriate while bearing in mind the effects of international attention has resulted in her temporary release for Norouz.

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